Improving inclusivity within your organisation to create inclusive workplaces and employment opportunities for all.

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Expert advice

From Access to Work advice to recruitment and retention support, we provide expert advice and support for employers to improve inclusivity within your organisation.

  • In-work support for disabled staff, managers and HR
  • Access to Work advice
  • Reasonable adjustment advice
  • Recruitment and retention support including the accessibility of your recruitment documents and practices
  • Support on your Disability Confident journey

Specialist support

We work with your organisation on an individual basis to provide one off or ongoing advice and support.

Our consultancy services are bespoke; if you have a specific area that you need advice on or would like some general advice around inclusive employment and improving the accessibility of your recruitment practices then we can help you.

As an organisation that follows the Social Model of Disability, working with Disability.Inc. enables you to access expertise on lived experience so you can feel confident that the adjustments or changes that you put in place make a real difference.


Hear what others have to say about the benefits of our consultancy services.

“We wholeheartedly recommend and are proud to work with WECIL to other organisations. We received fantastic staff reviews on the recent EDI Neurodiversity Workshop. We are impressed with the high-quality content and guidance to help improve our services to become more inclusive.”
“The training that our team received from WECIL was great – LC created an environment in which we could discuss complex issues with nuance and understanding. We talked about practicalities and politics and left feeling more confident about making the ongoing changes that we know are needed in Pervasive Media Studio. “
“Having this training brought to my colleagues and myself has made me feel supported. Many of my colleagues have told me that they found the training so valuable. I have already seen changes in the behaviour of some people following it! Thank you again to LC for being so amazing and helping my team learn more about Neurodiversity”

Meet our consultants

We know first hand how beneficial employing Disabled people can be, and we are here to support you in creating a diverse team and accessible workplace.

‘I’m Claire, I have a MA in Human Resource Management and I have worked in the employment sector for a number of years specialising in the employment and retention of Disabled people in the workplace. As a Disabled person myself I understand the challenges faced by Disabled people in the workplace and how receiving support to find a job and then continued support during a role is so important.

I enjoy supporting people to get the reasonable adjustments they require so they are able to do their job to the best of their ability. When I’m not working I enjoy being a mum to my young family and I also enjoy going skiing, swimming and day trips.’

‘I’m Katie, I have over 20 years of experience in Health and Disability. My passion is people and I love to support, encourage and enable people to achieve their full potential in work and everyday life.

Being part of the WECIL Work Assured Team has given me the opportunity to support and help so many people to retain employment and feel included. My role allows me to recommend adjustments, equipment and engage regularly with Managers HR and employees.

I love spending free time with my husband and two girls. I enjoy warm sunny days, gardening, cooking and holidays in Devon.’

Hi, I’m Anthony! I’ve been a part of the Employment services team for 4 years, most recently joining Consultancy within the last few months. I have been with WECIL for 10 years, working across several projects including: Advocacy, Benefits Advice, Navigators, Employment Advice and Consultancy. I am truly passionate about supporting the members of our community, helping them to gain and remain in work. When I am not at work myself, I love to attend as many gig and festivals that I can, and often DJ too!

Disability.Inc. is the business services branch of WECIL - an award winning, user led organisation supporting Disabled people to live the life they choose.

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Our services and whole organisation is user led - this is a key benefit for ensuring that the practices you put in place are the right ones

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