Creating diverse, inclusive and dynamic businesses

We offer a range of services tailored to your business to help your organisation, team and workplace be as accessible and inclusive as possible. We help you identify areas to improve and support you in finding realistic solutions.


Increase your awareness and knowledge of disability and inclusion through our range of bespoke training services.

Whether you need to support a disabled member of staff, want to improve team knowledge and understanding or have another learning requirement around inclusion, our training is designed around your needs and requirements as an organisation.

We help give you the confidence and skills to support your disabled community, including staff, customers and service users.

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Disability Equality Training

Take steps toward becoming an inclusive, accessible employer with our CPD accredited Disability Equality Training (DET). Delivered through our team of qualified trainers for individuals or whole teams.

Bespoke Training

Support around inclusion and equality can be tailored to the specific needs of your business, organisation or local authority. Delivered through workshops, Q&As and facilitated discussions, we can create a custom training structure to suit you and your team.

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Improve accessibility within your organisation to open the door to new customers, employees and partners.

Tailor made accessibility support will help you identify and mitigate barriers to your services or business that Disabled people face. Many barriers and hazards may not be visible to people who are not access experts, and our user led access and inclusion team can point out barriers you might miss. We will help you to find ways to ensure your premises and services are accessible to Disabled people with a variety of different impairments.

We can provide access audits for both physical spaces and digital profiles, from buildings and plans to your website and recruitment process. Our support ensures you meet the requirements of the Equality Act and DDA as a minimum, whilst developing your understanding of what access means for those with lived experience.

Incorporate our lived experience and advice into your business policies, practice and procedures - from recruitment to your digital profile and your physical premises

The Directory

Helping Disabled people access venues across the UK with our directory of detailed information.


Bespoke business consultancy to improve inclusivity within organisations.

An inclusive workplace is beneficial for staff retention, recruitment and business performance. However, a lack of awareness is often a barrier to fully inclusive practices.

We know first hand how beneficial employing Disabled people can be, and we are here to support you in creating a diverse team and accessible workplace. From Access to Work advice to recruitment and retention support, we can provide expert advice and support for employers to improve inclusivity within your organisation.

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Tailored for you

Disability.Inc. supports all types of business and organisation in both the public and private sector. Whatever your industry, we can provide expertise and support whether it is for a specific project, team or organisation wide.

We work with senior management teams, HR professionals, CEO’s, Equality Diversity and Inclusion officers and more to integrate accessibility and inclusion into your organisation from within.

Inclusivity is a mindset, not a tick box exercise. We help you identify areas to improve, and support you in finding long term solutions.

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